Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WTSW(t)BNQ: Skinny pants & A Condo

What They Said WednesTuesday Becomes Notable Quotables:  Volume 5

My now 3-year-old daughter...
"These are my skinny pants!"
...as she was holding up her tights to show me.  I can count the number of times she has worn tights on one hand, which was quite obvious when she made this statement.  First, skinny jeans.  Next, skinny pants.  This may be the next style to sweep the nation.  You heard it here first.

"Dad, you are so smart.  You got out my Pull Up and you got out my jammies and you got out my toothbrush and you got my toothpaste on it."
...she was apparently quite impressed with my husband's preparedness for her bedtime routine

"I'm going to Florida Canada!"
...she announced this as she and her brother were packing their backpacks and going on a  "trip," which in actuality, was her brother's bedroom.  I hear Florida Canada is nice this time of year.  You can go snorkeling and play hockey all in the same day.  

My almost 5-year-old son...
P: "Mom, when are we moving?" 
Me:  "Where would you like to move?"
P:  "To a condo."
...this was the beginning of a conversation he started over breakfast.  In the last few months, his aunt has moved, his grandma has moved and his great uncle has moved.  I think he thinks everyone just moves at some point.  I guess he's ready to downsize!

"It would be hard work to burp two babies."
...his response to seeing twins at the grocery store.  I love that burping them is what he thought of as being the thing that would be most difficult with two babies.  God bless all you moms of multiples out there!

No matter what they say, You Are a Good Mom.

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