Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WTSW(t): My Little Human Treasure Map

What They Said WednesTuesday:  Volume 4
I'm sure this is incredibly crucial information to all of you, but this whole "crazy things my kids say" thing is moving from it's regularly scheduled Wednesday slot to Tuesday.  Upon first glance, Wednesday seemed like a great middle of the week time to post, and I had that lovely little "What They Said Wednesday" alliteration thing going.  But, alas, I've found Wednesday is  turning into a big weekday hog, inadvertently sucking up Tuesday and Thursday in it's wake, and then I feel like I'm posting to many things all squished together on back to back days.  I'm sure you were all very concerned about this and will now sleep much easier at night.

Did I mention I have a tendency to over-explain myself?  Like all the time? 

Also, I don't have a catchy little slogan for Tuesday like I did for Wednesday, so I'm totally open to suggestions.  

Whew.  Glad to get all that off my chest.  And now, without further ado... (That may be the first and last time I ever type the word "ado.")

My now 3-year-old daughter...
"...and that Jesus makes good choices..."
...one of the things she was thankful for during her bedtime prayers.  Now you get to guess how many times we've had the "good choices talk" around our house lately.

M:  "I'm hungry."
Grandma: "But you are eating a snack right now."
M:  "I'm the kind of hungry when you need a drink."
...a fantastically 3-year-old way of describing the word 'thirsty' without actually using the word 'thirsty'

Costco employee:  "I like your John Deere sweatshirt!  Nothing runs like a Deere."
M:  "I run like a deer! Gallop gallop gallop!"  (complete with hand motions)
...do deer gallop?  I don't think this is the image the John Deere marketing department had in mind when they came up with this slogan

My almost 5-year-old son...
"Look, Mom!  I'm a pirate!  'X' marks the spot.  It's a treasure map!"
...as he came out of his room during 'quiet time.'  He had been writing and drawing with a pen in a notebook...which must have gotten boring, as he then moved on the more interesting medium of his arm.  Both of his arms were completely covered with ink 'X's.

"Are you just making noise?"  (about 5 minutes later)  "Ok, that's enough crying for now."
...to his sister as she was just kind of whiney/crying/fussing over pretty much nothing 

No matter what they say, You Are a Good Mom.

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