Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Thank You Letter to Moms Everywhere

A Little Backstory
For the past few weeks, I've been really looking forward to writing a Mother's Day post.  A day all about Moms on a blog all about Moms?  It's a perfect fit!  At least it was a perfect fit, that is, until I actually tried to start writing.  And then tried again.  And again.  And again.  This day means so many different things to so many different people and elicits so many different emotions.  I had no idea where to even begin.

Every time I tried to pull it all together, something didn't feel right.  The words just wouldn't come as a I stared at a blank screen.  Or I wrote too much without saying anything at all.  So there I sat, at 8:51pm the night before Mother's Day, trying to say something...anything...that would mean anyone out there reading it.

Just about the time I was getting ready to fold up my lap top and give this whole "Mother's Day post" thing a try next year, a notification came through on Facebook.  I happily clicked on over to Facebook because obviously no writing was actually taking place on my end, and this seemed like as good a reason as any to continue procrastinating.  Out of the blue, I had received a message from a friend who had gone back tonight and re-read the very first post I wrote when I started this whole blogging adventure a few months back.  She shared how it had touched her, how it had encouraged her and actually thanked me for writing it.  

Thanked me.  

There it was.  The words that had been eluding me.  The words I needed to hear.  The words that spoke to my heart. 

I was shocked as I read her message.  I didn't feel like I had done anything that warranted a thank you.  A few months ago, I had simply put together a string of words, a few sentences, a couple of paragraphs, and sent them out into cyberspace, wondering if anyone would ever read them.  But she did.  And she thanked me for it.  And that, along with the rest of her sweet message, made me cry.  Right there at my computer, just as I was getting ready to call it quits.  

In that moment, I realized how powerful those two little words were, and how much we all need to hear them.  Even when we don't think we've done anything "special" to deserve them.  And especially when we are just about ready to call it quits.

Sometimes, God doesn't work in mysterious ways.  Sometimes, He just flat out works.  At a time when I was struggling to find words myself, He was speaking them to me through her.  It was the encouragement I needed, exactly in that moment, to put a post together for today.

So here is my Mother's Day post.  It isn't perfect.  But neither am I.  It isn't exactly how I imagined it to be.  But neither is Motherhood.  It is simply from my heart.  

I hope in some way, some part of it speaks to your heart on this Mother's Day.


A Thank You Letter to Moms Everywhere

Thank you.

You.  Yes, you.  All of you.    

Thank you.

Each and every one of you.  Especially you; you who are feeling like you're hanging on by a thread today.  And you; you who are joyfully soaking up every moment of your very first Mother's Day today.  And you; you who are filled with grief and sadness today as you mourn a loss.  And you; you who are overcome with gratitude and happiness and love today.  And you; you who seems to roller coaster between all those feelings day in and day out.  You.  I'm talking to you.  

Thank you.

Let me say that again in case it didn't quite sink in.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

You don't hear it nearly enough, but thank you.  

Being a mom usually means long hours and lots of work, and often there aren't too many "thank you's" floating around.  Sometimes it's because your child isn't able to speak those words.  Sometimes it's because life just becomes so very busy that there aren't the moments for those words to be sincerely spoken.  Sometimes it's because you are always there, doing what you do, and those words get forgotten.

Thank you.

Thank you for the little things.  Thank you for the big things.
Thank you for changing diapers, changing sheets, changing clothes in closets as the seasons change and kids grow.  Thank you for finding lost mittens, lost socks, lost library books, lost dreams and helping your child to believe in them again.  Thank you for wiping noses, wiping down counters, wiping away tears.  Thank you for applying band aids, applying kisses, applying yourself.  Thank you for tying shoes, tying ribbons on pigtails, typing up loose ends.  Thank you for washing uniforms, washing dishes, washing away past mistakes and letting your kids know it's OK to be human.

Thank you for always knowing the answer to the question "Where is my (fill in the blank)?" when it is asked by any family member at any time.

Thank you for sitting at endless baseball games, dance recitals, volleyball tournaments, band concerts, basketball scrimmages, and school plays.  Thank you for helping to sell wrapping paper, cookie dough, coupon books and sub sandwiches so your child could participate in all those activities.  

Thank you for telling your children no, even when it's hard; especially when it's hard.  Thank you for providing them with boundaries and keeping them safe and helping them to understand that life is about so much more than just getting "your way."

Thank you for doing laundry.  And more laundry.  And more laundry.

Thank you for loving your child in a way only you can.  Thank you for giving them a sense of worth just by being there for them, unconditionally, over and over and over again.  Thank you for never giving up on them, even when it gets hard and you are exhausted.  Thank you for having that special place in your heart that has been, and will forever be, saved for your child.  No matter what.  

Thank you for hearing what your children are really saying, even when that message is hidden behind different words; even when they aren't talking at all.  Thank you for giving them space to grow and be who they need to be.  Thank you for hugging them and holding them tight when they need that, too.  

Thank you for the way you embody patience, grace, love, humility, kindness and selflessness.  You are teaching these qualities to your children everyday without speaking a single word,  simply through your actions, and most likely don't even realize you are doing it.  Thank you for bringing to life these intangibles for your child to experience firsthand.   

Thank you for the time, effort, love and care you put into your family.  Thank you for working around the clock.  Thank you for being real.  Thank you for all the things you do, day in and day out, that you don't think of as "special" or deserving a thank you.   

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being a mom.  

Happy Mother's Day!  For today and for always, You Are a Good Mom.

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  1. Beautifully written. Thanks, Mom! - - - and Thank YOU, Carrie!

    1. I second that with a Thank you, Grandma Lois. I remember her taking good care of me when I slept over at her house and I was up in the middle of the night with the stomach flu. She was the best!!

      And thanks for kind words, too. :)


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