Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WTSW: Dandelions & Red Blueberries

What They Said Wednesday:  Volume 3
I know that title up there says What They Said Wednesday.  And today is very much Tuesday.  Sorry for any day-of-the-week confusion this may have caused you.  My daughter's birthday lands on a Wednesday, and there will be a birthday post for her tomorrow, so my kids' goofy quotes are being delivered a day early.  Happy TuesWednesday!

My almost 3-year-old daughter...
"Take that out of her mouth, Mom!  She wants milk!"
...said very seriously to me as I was holding my niece and giving her a pacifier while my sister was getting her bottle ready

"I'm not cranky!"
...in the most whiny, cranky, crabby voice imaginable

My almost 5-year-old son...
"Look!  It's our very first dandelion!"
...said with extreme joy and delight upon spotting said dandelion in our side yard.  Dad, however, did not have the same joy and delight upon hearing this statement.

"They are like little red blueberries!"
...describing the strawberries in his Eggo waffle.  You could always just call them strawberries, but where's the fun in that?

"You wanna come to my show next year?"
...what he has been asking everyone he talks to since he had his preschool concert last week.  Mark your calendars now, folks, for some unknown show circa May 2014.

"You need to use your nice words, not your freakin' out words."
...to his little sister as she was, well, freakin' out.

"...and that Baby Hazel will open her eyes because her eyes have been closed for 20,000 days and one year.  Mom, will she ever open her eyes again?"
...part of his prayers, after a visit from Baby Hazel when she slept the whole time she was at our house.

No matter what they say, You Are a Good Mom.

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