Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To My Son on His Birthday

To My Son...

In five short years, you have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and filled our house with much love and laughter.  You forever changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined before you arrived.  You have brought unspeakable joy to my life.  What I am most thankful for, however, is all you have been teaching me, each and every day, for the past five years.

You have taught me to be true to my word, and how important it is to follow through on what I say.  

You have taught me to ask questions about everything; to wonder, to inquire, to be curious.

You have taught me all about dinosaurs and cars and bugs and sea creatures (as you like to call them) and frogs.

You have taught me to be thoughtful with my words and my actions, as little ears are always listening and little eyes are always watching.

You have taught me to never underestimate you.  From the time you were an infant, you have constantly surprised me with things you could learn and do if simply given the chance.  (You amazed us all when you even knew what a 'parallelogram' was before your second birthday rolled around.)

You have taught me what "unconditional love" truly means.

You have taught me that it's OK to just be still and be quiet for a little while.  That it's OK to just hang out in my room if I need to when the world can get just a little bit overwhelming, as you like to do sometimes.

You taught me how to be a Mom.  You gave me that title five years ago.  I know I'm still learning every step of the way.  Thanks for being patient with me.

You have taught me that a good, solid belly laugh can fix just about anything.

Even this very blog post is a testament to all you are teaching me.  

It is an entire month late, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Today, you are actually five years and ONE MONTH old.  

And I am delighted that this blog post is coming a month late.  

Your detail-oriented, deadline-driven Mom is delighted that this blog post is coming a month late.  

And I have you -- and all you are teaching me -- to thank for that.

The day of your birthday we were in the middle of a week-long vacation at the beach.  We started the day with birthday doughnuts at the cottage, followed by opening your presents from your Mom and Dad and your sister.  We went on a bike ride downtown, where you picked out a special kite, as you'd been asking for one for a few weeks leading up to your birthday.  We ate Pronto Pups by the channel at lunch per your request, and you picked a restaurant where you could have a hamburger for dinner.  You chose ice cream at your favorite ice cream spot for dessert, and we finished the day playing at the beach as the sun set and the waves rolled on the shore.  It truly was an incredible day, and I felt so blessed to spend every second of it with you.

I wouldn't have traded a single second of that day to sit down at my computer and write a blog post, even if it was about my favorite boy in the entire universe.

In the month since your birthday, we have been here, there and everywhere.  It has been a jam-packed month, full of love, laughter, family and friends.  There have been birthday parties, graduations, camping trips, cottage vacations, visits to lakes and beaches, parades, fireworks, cookouts, and more ice cream cones than I care to admit.  I wouldn't have traded any of those busy days with you to sit down at my computer.

And that, my son, is the very most important thing you are teaching me.  You are teaching me how important it is to be present, to be there with you; really with you, every chance I get.  You are teaching me how precious these moments are, and just how fast five years can truly go.

A blog post can wait.  An email can wait.  A phone call can wait.  Because you won't wait.  You can't wait.  Your only job right now is to keep growing and learning and becoming the amazing kid you ARE.  I get the chance to be your Mom at age five, and age five and one month, and age five and two months once -- ONCE -- that's it.  So all that other stuff?  It can wait.  You are more important.  You are more delightful.  You are more incredible.  

Thank you for teaching me that.  

These years are so very precious, and are passing by way too fast already.  I feel like I blinked and you are already five.  FIVE!  When did that happen?  It could not have possibly been five years since we got to meet your sweet face just minutes before midnight.  Since you needed me to do absolutely everything for you.  Since you could rest in my arm and fit between my elbow and my fingertips.

Somehow, though, the calendar says it has indeed been five years.  

And in these five years you have been teaching me these lessons of being present, of being truly with you, just by be being you. 

You have taught me to stop and look when you say "Mommy, watch this!"  You have taught me to slow down and inspect the ants with you when we go on a walk together.  You have taught me to get out of my chair and chase you around the yard, and to get off the couch and wrestle you on the floor.  You had no idea you were giving these lessons each and every day, but you have been the absolute best teacher I could ask for.  I know I'll need to be reminded of these lessons when the "stuff" of life can creep in and take start to take over.  Please be patient with me, and just keep reminding me, to be present, to be there, to truly be with you, every chance I get.

You are growing up so very fast, but also so very well.  I could not possibly love you any more or be more proud of you.  You are becoming such a funny, smart, thoughtful, inquisitive boy.  You have an incredibly kind and giving heart, and you already have great intuition about other people's feelings.  You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and love to seek order in all things.  You have a love for learning, and are constantly asking questions about the world around you.  Dad and I are continually amazed at your memory, too.  You have an infectious laugh, and you are willing to jump in and meet new people without hesitation.  You love to play and run and wrestle and just soak up all that life has to offer.  You are an amazing big brother to your sister.  You look out for her, you stick up for her and you comfort her in a way no one else can.  

My wish for you is that you may remain true to you -- to who you are -- as you continue to grow and develop into the child, teenager and man God created you to be.  May you remain as comfortable and confident in your own skin as you are now.  May you continue to follow your passions and your dreams, and may you always have the courage to do what is right in your heart.  May you always know how much Dad and I love you, and that we are always here for you, no matter what.

I love you so much!

You are my son.  My sweet, precious gift.  For you, everyday, I strive to live up to those words "You Are a Good Mom."  I hope every now and then, I hit the mark!  I love you to the moon and back!


  1. Way to make a mom of two boys who are now 17 and 13 tear up. You completely understand what it means to be a good mom...and just so know...the years keep going faster, but the learning never stops. Thanks for helping me remember those years...those most special years. Keep enjoying every moment! God bless you and your family! :)

    1. Such great perspective. Thanks for sharing your beautiful comment! I can only imagine just how quickly 17 is going to be here...


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