Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Moms are Everywhere

This is a guest post (how much fun was that to write?!) written by my dear, dear friend Trish Lopucki.  

I'm not kidding when I tell you that very soon, you'll be reading the young adult books she's written with your kids or talking about them with your kids or just reading them yourself because you love them so much and can't put them down.  She is an incredible writer, with incredible books on the way to share with the world.  (If anyone out there knows an agent, send them her way...)  You'll have this little flashback that goes something like "Trish Lopucki...where have I heard that name before?" and it will have been here.  On this blog post.  

I love her.  I love this piece she wrote.  I love that she was willing to share it with me.  I hope you love it, too.


There are three circumstances in life where your level of patience must test near saintly.

Gridlock traffic. The DMV.  And any minute experienced at an airport.

I’m sitting on a plane, about to leave New York City.  Lucky me – I arrived at the airport, made it through security, and found my seat on the aircraft with zeroproblems. (If you ever find yourself thinking these samethoughts, redirect immediately.  It’s undoubtedly at this point that all goes wrong.)
It has now been two hours since I boarded. It was our turn to go next, and we had to pull over for a “quick” maintenance check, putting us at the back of the line.
None of this explanation is for you to feel bad for me. Air travel insanity is par for the course these days. If you walk into an airport feeling cranky, do everyone a favor and change your ticket. No one wants to deal with you.  We’re all in the same boat.

At any rate… Do you know who the most incredible person is on this flight? The adorable mother behind me in the last row of the plane with her two young boys, (I’m guessing twin three year olds.)  This saint has read them stories about dragons, rationed snacks, counted planes, and created almost every game possible to pacify two unhappy children.

I applaud the fact that she pulled out the iPad after two hours of made-up games to let them watch a show.  There is only so much you can do to entertain a restless child.  At that point, all airline technology rules are out the window, if you ask me.

Did I mention that the air spewing from the overhead jets is at least 85 degrees? I’m about to break down and cry! How is this incredible woman keeping them quiet??? Looking out my window, I thought…

She’s a good mom.

I’m about three minutes away from asking if she’ll share some fruit snacks with me so I don’t lose it.

She’s a good mom.

Her “mom voice” only broke out maybe twice in this two-hour swelter of confined boredom.  Any longer, andmy mom voice is going to take it out on air traffic control.

She’s a good mom.

And someone should tell her.

So I’m going to.
A business card ad fell out of the Skymall magazine I’d leafed through for the third time as I was thinking about this wonderful mom sitting behind me. So I entertained myself by drawing this and handing it to her.

Someone looked at Carrie in the grocery store and told her, “You’re a good mom,” and it inspired her to write this blog.  For me, her writing is a reminder of how often moms actually need to hear this.  So, thank you Carrie... I’m paying it forward.

And to the lady behind me on the plane – I’m genuinely impressed.


I'm not gonna lie.  I actually teared up when I read this piece when Trish emailed it to me out of the blue.  I know part of it is because she is such a dear friend.  And part of it is because I love reading anything she writes.  But a big part of it was knowing how she reacted in that situation, and how she "paid it forward" to another Mom.

Would you be willing to pay it forward?  

The next time you see a Mom being present with her kids, playing with her kids, laughing with her kids, would you be willing to pass those four little words on to her?  You're a Good Mom.  She may need to hear them more than you know.  

The next time you see a Mom whose kids are pushing every button imaginable or who is digging into her patience reserves or who just simply needs to be lifted up, would you be willing to pass on those four little words on to her?  You're a Good Mom.  She may need to hear them more than you know.

The next time you see a Mom who is beaming proudly as she talks about her grandchildren, or is getting ready to send her 'baby' off to college or is delighting in the young adults her kids are growing up to be, would you be willing to pass on those four little words on to her?  You're a Good Mom.  She may need to hear them more than you know.

The next time you see a Mom who is brand new to motherhood and is second-guessing every decision she makes and hasn't slept more than 3 hours at a time, would you be willing to pass on those four little words on to her?  You're a Good Mom.  She may need to hear them more than you know.

Maybe it's simply forwarding this post to a Mom who needs a little encouragement today, or sharing it with a Mom you know that you've always thought the world of, but never put it into words and told her.

Four little words.  But they can make all the difference in the world.  They did for me.

Would you be willing to make a difference for another Mom?  


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  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing!!
    I am willing to pass on the four words for sure!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Brooke! Thanks for "paying it forward" to other Moms, too!

  2. What a great post. Airplanes are the hardest and the way to make a mom's day is to acknowledge that she's doing it well. Thanks for the reminder to pay it forward.

    1. I will be sure Trish hears these words, too! I'm with you... airplanes + kids = amazing parents who tackle it!! :)


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