Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TSW?T: A Theory of "Rhyme"itivity

They Said What? Tuesday:  Volume 16

My 3-year-old daughter...

"This is a flying shooter.  It shoots farts and poops."
...describing one of the Lego creations she built to me.  She is so prim, proper and lady-like, isn't she??  I hear way more "potty words" from my darling daughter than I do from my son.

"But mom...."
...basically every other sentence out of her mouth lately.  I think she is skipping the "school age" years and heading right into the "teenage years."

"Let's rhyme...FLAMINGO!"
...her suggestion for our next word to rhyme while we were playing a game in the car.  Apparently, her brother's previous choices of "rock" and "frog" and "lay" were too boring.

My 5-year-old son...

"Grandma, I have a theory on how a car accident happened."
...in the car while we were driving to lunch together.  I blame this one on his dad, who taught him the word 'theory' a few weeks ago.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get 'lawyered' by this kid more than once before he moves out of our house.
No matter what they say, You Are a Good Mom.


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