Thursday, August 15, 2013

Looking for a Good Read? A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet by Sophie Hudson

I ended up having an extra visitor on our family camping trip this year.  It was so nice that she could join me, especially on such short notice, and  I enjoyed the hours we spent together at the lake, around the camp fire, and on the beach.  I really appreciated her coming along!

(Ok, before you call the police about some crazy delusional woman, let me explain a little bit...)

This was my view for a good portion of the afternoons while on our camping trip.  How I love vacation, and getting to enjoy some of my very favorite things! Sunshine, an inland lake, my adorable kids playing on the beach, a comfy chair...

...and THIS BOOK!!

Yes, this tender, witty, insightful, beautiful book.

It was right up there on the top of my list of favorite things for that week.  

Well, days.  I suppose if I'm being honest, I should say days.  Because I read it in 3 days.

The very best part of this book was Sophie Hudson's warm writing style.  It truly felt like she was sitting right there next to me in a chair on the beach, telling me her family stories.  She has the ability as a writer to pull people in and make them feel like "her people" through the written word. 

After reading her funny, poignant, touching family stories, I felt like I somehow knew her or knew the cherished members of her family.  What an incredible gift she has; to tell a story in such a way that it brings the characters to life.  

I could hear the way Martha talked in how her dialogue was written. I could taste the amazing dishes she prepared for her parents' anniversary party.  I was sitting at the Western Sizzlin and Prayer Meeting and in the car the fateful night of "the toot."  I felt the love and admiration for Sissie from her entire family.

While I loved the entire book, the last chapter left a lasting impression on me.  The perspective on being with family and being "at the table" whenever you can, no matter the distance or no matter feeling needed in other places.  It was written about it in such an eloquent way, and it truly touched my heart.  It made me thankful for my incredibly close family, and thankful for the times we are able to gather together.  It made me realize the importance of being there, and just how quickly the years do go by.  

Summer is getting into that "mid-August" phase none of us really like to talk about.  The days are getting shorter and busier at the same time, which hardly seems fair.  But it is still summer.  If you can squeak out any more summer reading, I highly suggest picking up this book.  

When you feel "right at home" with a book, and like you've been invited in to someone's family through the written word, You're a Good Mom


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  1. I loooooove Sophie. Looooove. Laughed and cried over this book!

    1. Amen, sister!! Just by reading her writing, I feel like I know her. That is an incredible talent!


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