Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TSW?T: Back-to-School Style

They Said What? Tuesday:  Volume 18

My 3-year-old daughter...

"Can I have some more of those Tinkle chips?"
...you may be thinking this sounds like some type of potty training reward, but you, unfortunately, be wrong.  My daughter was simply talking about...
Clearly, she has not been around these delicious morsels nearly enough.  I have somehow failed her as a mother, and seek to rectify this wrong by keeping a steady supply of them in the house.  That I will probably consume myself.

My 5-year-old son...

"Maybe they will just take my tongue out and give me a new tongue!"
...his prediction, as we arrived at the doctor's office, for what might happen after he gets the bump on his tongue checked out.  Oddly enough, he had a huge smile on his face as he rattled this statement off.

And a little "back-to-school special" for your reading pleasure

My 3-year-old daughter...

"I'm going to have a sleepover with Miss Julie and Miss Deb!"
...telling her brother's teacher about starting preschool.  She somehow has gotten the idea that when she goes to Open House, she will be having a sleepover with her teachers.  I hope the time to play in the kitchen area and the sticker she gets for her shirt won't disappoint too much!

My 5-year-old son...

"Mom, can Mrs. K read?"
...while getting school supplies at Meijer.  He was choosing lemon-scented cleaning wipes, and wanted to be able to 'trick the kids' because they will smell like lemon instead of just 'cleaner.'

"What bus does Mrs. K drive?"
...during our conversation about getting on the bus and where it will pick him up and drop him off.

My favorite part of both of these quotes is that Mrs. K is his classroom teacher, who he already adores.  I can't imagine just how amazed he'll be at all the READING she can do, but that may be balanced out by the fact that while she is educating and caring for him all day everyday, she is not also DRIVING him to and from school on the bus.

Oh, how I love how the 5-year-old mind works!  Seeing school through his eyes for the very first time has been refreshing, funny and eye-opening all at the same time.
No matter what they say, You Are a Good Mom.


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