Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spelling Test

Some of my favorite moments are when I can eavesdrop on my kids and they have no idea I can hear them.  When they're playing in one of their rooms; when they are in the living room while I'm making dinner in the kitchen; when I'm driving and they're talking away in their car seats behind me.  It's like I get this little sneak peek into their secret "brother/sister world" and I treasure every time it happens.

Although maybe this one wasn't such a "treasure" in terms of sweet loveliness.  Laughs, yes.  Potty humor, yes.  Spelling prowess, yes.  But sweet loveliness, no.

As I was driving last week, I heard my son pipe up from behind me:  "Morgan, you spell poop 

I suppose the "Good Mom" thing to do would be to remind him he was not in the bathroom and he should be using potty words, and use it as a teachable moment that he is a role model to his younger sister and shouldn't be teaching her potty words, either.  

But I didn't.

What I really did was stifle a laugh so 1.) He didn't know I was listening to their conversation and 2.) It wouldn't encourage him to continue on with a litany of potty words, which as of late, have become incredibly funny to him.

After I was done with my snickers to myself, I had to ask myself "How did he know that?"  I guess this means the days of my husband and I spelling things in front of him have now, unfortunately, come to an abrupt halt.  

I suppose he's prepared for his first spelling test, as long as the only 2 words on the test are "Parker" and "poop."  What a proud, proud moment for this mom.  

Whether you embrace the teachable moment or laugh through it, You Are a Good Mom.


  1. Carrie, I am relatively new to your blog and I want to say, You Rock. This blog is so uplifting without preaching, sunny without facility and educational without having a white board. You're great and the validating that you do every post just fills my heart with Joy. You are my new religion.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words!! I'm relatively new to blogging in general. :) I really appreciate you reading it, and also for passing along on Facebook, too!

  2. Carrie, I just shared this on the Big Bad Facebook. Hope it drives some traffic your way; there are lots of moms who could use this validation everyday.


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