Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's Not Easy Being Green

One of my biggest pet peeves is solicitors.  

It's probably because they always call or arrive at the worst possible times (as if there is a good time for a solicitor...) and have been known to wake sleeping children at our house.  It's also probably because I usually feel really bad about cutting them off, whether it's on the phone or in person.  It always steals precious moments from my day because I know full well I am not going to buy whatever they are trying to sell (unless you are in marching band and selling a $5 candy bar or play Little League and want all my pop cans...then I'm a pushover).  Even though I know I'm not buying from the onset, I let them go through their entire sales pitch anyway.  Why, you ask?  I somehow feel like I'm letting them get an extra practice in, or I'm indirectly helping them because maybe they get some kind of credit for giving said pitch, even though they didn't get a sale.  Maybe it's the teacher in me...  Anyway I just let them go on and on, until I smile, say "We're all set.  Thanks!"

Except tonight.

The TruGreen guy came to our door.  Right now you are picturing our front door, but you would be incorrect.  He came to our garage door.  As in walked into our garage, and right to the door that leads into our kitchen.  Is it just me, or is that wierd?  I feel like that is not in the Solicitor's Handbook of Acceptable Soliciting Technique.  Maybe this guy missed that day of training.

But it was not just the coming into my garage that made me not even listen to this guy's pitch.  It was also the fact that the very same guy came to the very same door at the very same time yesterday.  Yes, yesterday.  Yesterday, when I told this very same salesman I was in the middle of making dinner for my family and "we're all set" with lawn care, thank you very much, and no we don't want an estimate.  He still gave me a little flyer with his name and number, which I immediately tossed in the recycling bin upon closing the door.  

So when he came back to my garage door while I was making dinner and trying to keep my two small children from climbing all over me or each other, he already had three strikes against him.  No, I will not listen to your sales pitch.  No, I still don't want an estimate.  No, you may not keep talking.  I finally told him he had been here yesterday, to which he looked very confused.

At that point, I did feel a little bad for the guy, walking around door to door in this lovely Michigan spring (aka snow), but not bad enough to take another flyer or listen to him talk for another second.  I just decided that yes, Mr. TruGreen Man, It's Not Easy Being Green...

When you send crazy solicitors away from your garage door, You Are a Good Mom.  I hope...

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  1. Good advice. I don't like it when people I don't know knock on my door. It's disconcerting and disruptive. And, like you, I don't buy whatever it is they are selling.


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