Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Little Tech Support

And by little, I mean little.  As in microscopic.  

Some of you have asked about how to follow this blog, or took the time to write out a comment (thank you!!), but then weren't able to publish it to the blog (sorry!).  I thought I'd try to figure this out and share with you what I can.

Just a little background on my crazy awesome technology skills...that do not exist.  When I was a sophomore in high school, I had the mother-of-all-research-paper assignments.  As in the teacher measured the margins with a ruler.  I am not kidding.  It was a paper I had been working on for weeks and weeks, and I was in the home stretch of finally getting it done.  I simply had to format the footnotes, print it and I was in the clear.  I was working with the extremely advanced, cutting edge WordPerfect program (anyone born in the mid '80s or later will have no idea what I'm talking about...) when it came time to format the dreaded footnotes.  I tried and tried and tried to figure out what I was doing, and on the verge of tears and frustration, when my mom gave me permission to go wake up my little sister and ask her for help.  Yes, 3 1/2 years younger, but eons wiser at all things technology.  She trudged downstairs, bleary-eyed, at about midnight, looked at a couple of things, hit a series of three keystrokes, and poof! everything was good to go.  I had never been so thankful for my 7th grade sister as I was in that moment.  I'm pretty sure I told her I would drive her wherever she wanted to go for the next month after that.

I tell you this because... 

  1. You might be asking yourself "Who starts a blog but then knows nothing about signing up for/following/posting comments to/running a blog?"  Um, this girl...  Sorry about that...
  2. If you have any more questions about this whole process, I will do my very best to answer them, but it might take me a quick minute to reply. I will get back to you!  (see #3)
  3. I will probably just end up going to ask my super smart tech-guy husband to explain it to me so I can relay the info to you.
  4. To demonstrate that if I can figure this out, you can do it, too.  I promise!!
(Picture it.  My mom's computer desk.  2013.  [Yes, that was a Golden Girls reference...I am totally showing my age in this post...]  Going through this process by trying to set up an account for my mom.  Thought the visual in itself might just make you laugh!  Yet another example that moms are always and forever there for you and are willing to be the guinea pig for whatever crazy idea you come up with...)

Follow Through Blogger
  1. Click on "Join This Site" blue button on the right side of the screen.  It's under "Thank You For Following YoureaGoodMom!!"
  2. You will be prompted to select an account you already have, either Google, Twitter or Yahoo.  If you don't have one of those accounts, near the bottom of the screen click on the link that reads "Create a new Google Account"
  3. You should be good to go!
Follow Through Email
  1. Click on the white rectangle under "Follow By Email"
  2. Type in your email address
  3. You'll get an email sent to your inbox that you'll need to verify to begin getting updates
  4. You will now get an email ONLY when a new post is made to ONLY this blog 
Post a Comment
  1. Click on "No comments" (or "3 comments"...whatever it says at the time...)
  2. Comment box should appears.  Type your comment.  Click on "Publish"
  3. It will ask you to type a series of letters and numbers that pop up, to verify you are indeed a real, live human being
  4. Voila!  Your comment should appear!
  5. ***THIS JUST IN...*** Apparently there is a setting you can change so that comments can be posted by anyone.  Who knew?  Not me.  (Please see above anecdote about my mad technology skills...)  So I changed it with the simple click of a mouse.  Comments should be able to flow freely now...give it a shot! 
I cannot thank you enough for taking time in your already jam-packed, hectic day to squeeze in time to read the random thoughts I share here.  Your support and encouragement has been appreciated more than you will ever, ever know.  Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give this part of it a try, too!  Some people had mentioned missing when a new post was made.  If you sign up to follow this blog, either through Blogger or by email, you'll be notified whenever there is new material.  You'll also be able to invite friends to view the blog, through email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, some of the comments have come only to me via email, Facebook or text because you weren't able to publish them to the blog.  Those comments have been very insightful, wise and downright funny!!  I think they would be helpful and uplifting to others, too, and it would be great if they could be posted right on the blog.  

Give it a shot...let me know how it goes...go for a "test run" and post a comment below about anything you darn well please.     

Look at you...You're A Good Mom and a technology superstar!


  1. Good old Mr Cochrane and his trusty ruler :)

    1. Well played, Christina! I would be willing to bet 98% of people who had to do that paper for that class still remember it. My topic was birth order... The other 2% have probably permanently blocked it as coping mechanism for dealing with a traumatic experience, and I would not blame them.


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