Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Parent"dox: Same Toy, Same Time

Oh, Sunday night, why do you always arrive so soon?  We're minding our own business, innocently enjoying our weekend, when you so devilishly sneak up on us.  Sunday night in and of itself seems to present a bit of a paradox...on the calendar, it is technically still the weekend, but in our hearts and minds, it bears the mental burden of the fully loaded week ahead.  

In an attempt to lighten up that "Sunday Night Feeling" that is all too familar, and acknowledge that tricky little paradox that is Sunday Night, I submit for your review...

The Sunday Night "Parent"dox Series

I'm hoping to post a short little "parent"dox here each Sunday night.  A quick read to put a smile on your face and lift your spirits as you face the week ahead.  (Who am I kidding?  For me, it is usually that I'm finding one more thing I "need" to do as Sunday night races by and I procrastinate actually getting something done for Monday.)  However it works out for you on your Sunday Night, I hope you enjoy it.
par·a·dox \ˈper-ə-ˌdäks, ˈpa-rə-\
          a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common 
          sense and yet is perhaps true
1.  It is a paradox that computers need maintenance so often, since they are meant to save people time.  (
par·ent·dox  \I need one of my genius speech path friends to do 
                            this part\                                 
                            \Kelli & Gretchen are laughing right now\
the daily experience that is parenthood; seemingly living life in contradiction
          1.  It is a "parent"dox that I am exhausted pretty much all day, but the second my head hits                                
           the pillow, my mind starts remembering all of the random things I need to do and I am  
           instantly wide awake.  (
Sunday Night "Parent"dox #1: Same Toy, Same Time
Just when I seem to get a handle on the toy situation at our house and have enough bins, baskets and tubs, we get a visit from Santa, the Easter Bunny or the birthday bonanza that involves lots of loving aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas.  I am so thankful that my kiddos are so loved and so blessed, but it does lead to lots and lots of stuff!  I sometimes look around my living room or my basement, and think to myself "Hmm.  I bet this is what it would look like if the toy department of Target was ransacked by burglars and wild dogs at the same time."  

Now that you have that mental image in your head, let me share this "parent"dox with you...  

We obviously do not have a lack of toys in this household, and with a child of each gender, we have quite a wide variety of items to choose from, too.  There are many, many options for two children to pick from, and more than enough to go around.  One would think, then, that there would be no arguments or disputes over toys in such a household. But that, as my parental friends of more than one child know, is not the case.  My kids want the same toy at the same time.  

It does not matter if it is a Batman motorcycle, a plastic Cinderella doll, a broken toy acquired from a Happy Meal six months ago, or a paperclip, for cryin' out loud.  If one kid has it, the other one needs that very same toy, at the very same time.  There is very little rational thinking or problem solving that takes place by either child in these moments.  At times, we even call in the lead negotiator from the local police department to listen to demands and work things out in order to prevent bodily harm or loss of property.  After lots of "I had it first!" or "That's mine!" or "I WANT IT NOW!!!" we do get a chance to (hopefully) pass on some conflict resolution skills to our kiddos.  We just keep hoping they are picking some of it up along the way...osmosis, perhaps?

After all this working it and talking it out, I'm usually able to leave the room and go take care of some random task around the house.  Inevitably, I'll walk back in the room 5 minutes later to see the recently prized possession, now abandoned and left alone, as they've both moved on to something else.  I smile to myself, and just enjoy the fact that they are playing happily for least until the next same toy at the same time crisis arises.

Wishing you a great week, full of lots of miracle toy sharing by your kids, and, as my friend at Meijer saysYou're a Good Mom!

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  1. Carrie, I am loving your blog! Thanks for sharing your gift of writing with us.

  2. Thanks for reading, Lois!! :) I really appreciate your kind words and taking time to leave a comment. Hope all is well with you. Please pass on a 'hello' to everyone in your family!


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