Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why We Love Dads

Dads do so much; for our kids, for our families, for us.  We love them them beyond words and beyond measure.  Here are just some of the reasons why we love them!  (and a little change to the blog title just for them on their big day!)

Dads fix things.  Like bikes and remote control cars and broken hearts.

Dads build things.  Like Lego towers and cabinets in the garage and self confidence on that very first bike ride without training wheels.

Dads listen. 

Dads worry. 

Dads pray.

Dads open things.  Like really tight pickle jars and car doors that have frozen shut and minds to all the amazing things to be curious about on a walk through the woods.  

Dads lift heavy things.  Like boxes and furniture and sleeping toddlers from the car to their beds.

Dads guide. 

Dads inspire. 

Dads encourage.

Dads watch things.   Like The Golf Channel and hours of youth soccer and purses while Moms are shopping.

Dads balance things.  Like work time and family time and checkbooks.

Dads laugh.  

Dads tickle.  

Dads wrestle.

Dads change things.  Like light bulbs and flat tires and temper tantrums into giggle fests.

Dads grill things.  Like hot dogs and hamburgers and potential boyfriends of their daughters.

Dads love.  

Dads love.  

Dads love.

Dads do all these things, and so much more.  I could never capture them all in a simple list.*  

Today is a day we celebrate Dads.  We celebrate them for all they do.  We celebrate them for who they are.  We celebrate them for how they love and care for their kids.  

You Are a Good Mom, and be sure to tell a Dad he's a good Dad today, too.  Along with wishing him a "Happy Father's Day," thank him for something incredible he does as a Dad.  

*I'm sure there is so much more!  What are the amazing things that your Dad does for you?  That your kids' Dad does for them?  That any amazing Dad you know does?  Add a comment below to keep this list growing!


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