Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Tooth Fairy Favor

Have you ever been blessed with "lifetime" friends?  I'm talking about people who are dear, dear friends, and you just "do life" with them.  You know they're going to be around, throughout your life, no matter what.  Distance, time, whatever; it doesn't matter, because they'll be there.

We are very, very fortunate to have many special "lifetime" friends in our lives.

(If you're reading this and wondering if I'm talking about you, I most definitely am.)

One of our "lifetime" friends is my husband's college roommate and his wife, and their two children.  Without even planning it, each of our children was born within 4 months of each of their children.  

We are quite literally "doing life" with them.  

When we get together, our kids love to play together.  They are at just about the same stages and interested in the same things.  Ever since our kids have been babies, we've been able to talk and share with each other about the same questions and concerns and wonderings and milestones our kids were approaching or struggling with, and that is true to this day.  Luckily for us, their oldest child is 4 months older than our oldest child, so these "lifetime" friends field a lot of things just enough ahead of us to warn us what's coming down the road.

This very thing happened just two days ago.

My friend posted that her daughter lost her first tooth.

My first thought:  How exciting!! Losing that first tooth is such a big deal and a rite of passage!  How fun!

My second thought:  Oh my goodness.  That means this is probably coming around the bend soon for my son.  

My third thought:  Holy.  Crap.  I am completely unprepared for this huge life experience for my own kid!  (Keep in mind, I am a natural born worrier...) 

Honestly, my son doesn't even have so much as a wiggle to any of his little teeth, so I know I've got some time, but losing teeth wasn't even on my Mom Radar yet.  (This is another benefit to "doing life" with lifetime's like a build in safety net.  I get reminded of and warned about all the millions of things I would otherwise forget.)

What got me thinking, though, was what is protocol going to be in our house when a tooth is lost?  (These are the parenting decisions you have to make that no one warns you about.)  I saw that adorable picture of their sweet, toothless daughter, and realized the Tooth Fairy would be making her inaugural visit that night at her house, and I realized I had absolutely no idea what that will look like here.
So I'm throwing it out to you guys...  What is Tooth Fairy protocol at your house?  (Or what do imagine it will look like?)  What does she (I'm guessing it's a she...maybe at your house it's a he?) bring?  If it's money, how much?  If it's not money, what is it?  Any special Tooth Fairy traditions?  Where does the lost tooth wait for the Tooth Fairy's arrival?  (under the pillow seems so very complicated...)

And perhaps most importantly for this Mom...  How does the Tooth Fairy NOT wake the loser of the tooth up?  How does the Tooth Fairy STAY AWAKE to remember to do so?  

Thanks in advance for your help.  Feel free to pass this post on to any other Moms you know who can weigh in on this subject, or might benefit from getting ideas from others, too.  Open to any and all suggestions!!

I'm fairly certain that now that I've posed these questions, my son won't lose a tooth until the 3rd grade.  Had I not asked, he would have come home from school with a missing tooth tonight.

When you can help out other Moms with their "firsts", You Are a Good Mom.


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  1. The tooth fairy made 2 visits to the room of our 5 year old in about 2 months. My husband collects various coins and we've used something from his collection each time. The first tooth earned a gold quarter (worth about 26 cents) and was received as if it were a gold bar. :) The second tooth got some sort of silver dollar. I'm secretly hoping these coins make their way to a grandchild some day. They've been coveted away in her "treasure box," not placed in her bank. We did the whole exchange under her pillow in a little box. I got nervous both times, but there wasn't so much as a deep sign from her. Good luck!! BTW, I love reading your thoughts. :)

    1. Love this!! Thanks so much for sharing your Tooth Fairy Wisdom, and thanks for stopping by, reading, and leaving a comment. So very appreciated. Glad you are enjoying the posts here! :)

  2. I am the worst mom in the world when it comes to "pretend" characters...santa easter bunny tooth fairy....aahhh YA! I have never been able to keep up the facade....errg! We did do Santa for a while, my poor 4th child really didn't get the full effect of the Santa mystery. When teeth fell out the first couple time sit was a big deal and I did exchange the tooth for $. And of course I have kept every tooth...weird maybe, but how can I throw a part of my child away?! I'm sure I was no help at all! BTW have I said thanks for linking my blog on your sidebar? Thank you! xoxo

    1. You are welcome!! Happy to link to's a great blog I love and I think others would love, too! :)


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