Thursday, January 24, 2013

...and You're a Good Dad, Too!

Just a short disclaimer...

KUDOS to all the good dads out there, too!!  As you read this post, and any others you happen to peruse, please know that 98% of the time every time it says "mom" it can also be read as "dad."  The other 2% would be related to breastfeeding, bra shopping, menstrual cramps, (all dads have now stopped reading...) and any of that other "woman stuff" we talk about.

I suppose you can blame that on the lady at Meijer, who did not say to me "You're a Good Mom...and I'm sure your children have an excellent father, too."  Plus, "You're a Good Mom and/or Dad" and "You're a Good Parent" just didn't have the same ring as "You're a Good Mom("  In all sincerity, all you dads out there are just as much thought of, loved and appreciated!  You are a Good Dad!

Keep your eyes peeled, too.  My husband just mentioned at dinner the other night "Hmm.  Maybe I'll start an 'I'm a Good Dad' blog."  Although it was in context of being extremely supportive of me as I start on this new adventure that is a little bit terrifying for me, and he was totally joking, he is an awesome dad, an awesome writer and it would an awesome blog if it ever did come to be!  (No pressure, Trev, no pressure...)

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